Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Material Home Deco- 1st part

Ok! you want to start your first Home Deco project. So what do you need? Here is the basic for this technique. I'll look over the material needed:


The frames: Prepared canvas stretched on a wood frame (flat or 3D). Some frames are already factory stained (natural, black, grey,...) The shims included allow the canvas to be restretched at any time.

Canvas Board
: Prepared canvas over solid hardboard.

Other: Other rigid backings can also be used: boards, foam board, the backs of old frames. With Home Deco, you can stack or juxtapose several frames in order to create volume!

Natural Bristle Brushes:More expensive, and not as long lasting, they are not used in Home Deco except for fine work with tapered tips for painting tiny designs or for writing.

Synthetic Bristle Brushes:Considerably less expensive, ideal for acrylic paints. Available with round or flat bristles.

Tip: To clean brushes which have hardened, soak them in a concentrated solution of laundry detergent brought to a boil or in boiling vinegar (softens them up).

Acrylics have the advantage of being water soluble, fast drying (which allows several coats to be put on quickly), very sturdy and waterproof. They are elastic, so they won’t crack if they are put on in thick layers. They have strong colors, and can be put on as is, or thinned.

It gives your creations depth!
It comes in a number of forms—super-fine, fine-grain or heavy—depending on the effect desired. It can be mixed with paint, pigments, sand, etc.
It can be spread with a palette knife, a spatula, or a trowel, depending on the desired effect, and worked with a stucco roller, a fork, a toothpick or other tool! You can work in various light items while wet such as grit, beads, tiles, pebbles, smooth stones, or shells. Drying time depends on the thickness of the design. After drying, it can be sanded and/or painted.
I'll extend on modeling paste in a next post.

Tip: Speed up drying time with a hair dryer!

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