Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Home Deco technique - introduction

Attractive paintings to hang throughout the house. This innovative concept launched by Pébéo® relies on the use of professional art materials such as frames and painting materials (acrylics, glazes, gesso). The appeal of this technique is its combination of materials, colors and contours.
You can make them easily yourself, to match your interiors, or perhaps your mood. A little paint, a few tools, lots of inspiration and you’re on the way to a decor which matches your personality. Because it’s also inexpensive, (just paint and canvas) and easy, you can change your decor according to the seasons, your feelings or your dreams. The Home Deco technique allows you to create your paintings with only a few art skills. The technique is easy: you just need to buy a mounted canvas (available in craft stores), some paint and accessories (beads, photos, threads, leaves, string). In this first part I will talk about the materials.
First, start collecting those little items you find interesting.

A stroll on the beach? Collect pebbles, dried seaweed, driftwood, sea glass, sand, shells,...

A stroll in the woods? Pick up little stones, dried leaves, bits of bark, moss,...

A stroll through your garage? Don’t throw out old nails, bolts, keys, washers; they are still useful!

Spring cleaning? Treasure those bits of strings, ribbons, buttons, cloth scraps, leftover wool. The examples are endless; I’ll stop here!
Supplies needed

- Stretched canvas
- Gesso acrylic undercoat
- Smooth modeling paste
- Fine grain modeling paste
- Coarse grain modeling paste
- Metal spatulas for embossing
- Set of notched tools for embossing
- Acrylic paint
- Brushes
- Embossing paint

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