Saturday, January 19, 2008

Decopatch technique

What is Decopatch?

Decopatch was founded by Mr Villard in 1995, (France). Mr Villard, while restoring an old piece of furniture, got the idea of creating such papers . He then created the designs of the paper and made the range improve to more than 100 different designs.

Decopatch offers a wide range of papers measuring 30 X 40 cm in assorted colours and patterns. They are sturdy, colored and glazed. It will not break apart when glued and the colours won't fade or run. It can be adapted to any base shape, ensuring a finish that's smooth to the touch, with the quality of a fine painted surface.
You can apply it easily on wood, cardboard, ceramics, wax, metal, wicker, plastic, polystyrene, fabric, glass...and any kind of surface flat or uneven without special preparation.
So to begin a decoupage project , what do you need?

1/Either napkins paper or Décopatch paper, magazines paper, paper craft... All kinds of paper except glossy paper.
3/A sealant
4/A brush
5/A cup of water to clean your brush
6/A pair of scissors
7/And a good mood!

et voilà!

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