Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Napkin technique & effects

Crackle medium in 3 steps

  1. Base coat: Apply the base coat of the paint you've chosen to the object. This is the color that will show through the cracks later.

  2. Craquelle: Apply the craquelle medium onto the dry paint in one direction only and let it dry

  3. Paint: Now apply the second coat of the other color paint you've chosen. Not too thick and in direction only. Apply the paint completely over the other coat. The thinner the coat is, the finer the cracks. For the result of rougher cracks the color must be applied thicker.
After several hours of drying you can go on with the work of napkin technique.

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Anonymous said...

Wow...This is gorgeous!

Where can find all the products needed for such project?

I love decorating boxes and personalizing them for special occasions.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful work with the blogosphere!