Monday, July 21, 2008

Decopatch frenzie!

Are you into a Decopatch frenzy? I am!!!

Summer time is the best time to look around your house, and see what you don't want anymore. It's the time where someone's trash is someone's treasure. So rather than discarding what you may no longer use or want, try Decopatch. Give a second life to your trashes. For this reason I've come up with a 30% off on 3 products (for a limited time only) that will help you start: Decopatch glue 150g, Patchliner Lime/Green, and Decopatch Tresor to embellish your creations. I hope you will enjoy this opportunity!
A few of you asked me why should they used Decopatch glue instead of Mode Podge? I can go on and on, and tell you that Decopatch glue is the best...that Mode Podge isn't good, blablabla...but that won't be the truth.

The truth is that just like you when I started with Decopatch, I too thought that any kind of PVA glue would do.

After several attempts at working with PVA glue and Decopatch glue, I have to admit that Decopatch glue works best with the Decopatch papers. The Decopatch glue is an exceptional glue, which has been carefully studied and formulated for use with Decopatch papers. It's also a two in one product: glue and varnish. Most importantly the varnish-glue will absolutely not alter the colours, and not sear! The main and most valuable quality I've found is that this glue unlike the other glues will enhance the colours of the papers. The colours become more vibrant. And, once dry, it makes a non-sticky, clear water-resistant satin finish. So you can try different glues and see the difference by yourself, and I have no doubt that you will agree with me!

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