Thursday, August 14, 2008

Paint Outliner - Decopatch

Paint Relief or Decopatch Paint Outliner:

When I create an artwork I like to enhance some of the designs by using the paint outliner. I don't use only Decopatch paint outliner but others too. You can find different brands in creative stores. Fortunately, all seem to have the same characteristic: they produce a very surprising 3D effect.

And I can affirm you that once you try you'll be hooked forever!
This cerne relief usually comes in a 25g or 30 ml with an applicator tube. It's waterproof and acid-free. The colors are shiny, bright and innovative. And it is perfect for all types of applications with its thick texture: stencil, sponge painting, paintbrush. This outliner is used with different techniques: collage and inlays, decorative stencil, scrapbooking, small casts, lines and dots in relief, etc. The relief paint is used for creating cloisonné effects or lines to imitate enameling and stained glass effects. It can be applied on all surfaces: textiles, paper, cardboard, wood, glass, metal, leather, plastic, terra cotta! No ironing or cooking!

With the precision of the applicator tube you can easily create spectacular effects, and with its ease of use it's particularly suited to children too. You just need to apply a steady pressure and squeeze directly from the tube.

How to use it:

To create lines and dots in relief: hold the tube as a pen to get right out of the bottle, volutes, points, drops, lines in relief with a perfect precision!

Collages and inlays: the thick consistency of the paint allows you to include inlays (sequins, etc.). Or mirrors, glass cabochons or any other inclusion.

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