Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Metallic Foils for Home Deco or 3D Art

Finally I received my new stock. I am thrilled to bring you some products that will enliven your artwork. I try to find & import products which are not mainstream in North America. Most of them actually come from Europe, and that's why it takes time to replenish sometime! Well, enough of business stuff. Today I will showcase the Metallic Foils which come in various colors. We have 8 colors in stock: gold - gold glitter - silver - silver glitter- red - red glitter - blue - blue glitter - copper.

Metallic Foil consist in transfering the color of your choice on your support with a special glue called Magic Art glue.

How To:
Apply MagicArt on your surface and let it dry until it becomes transparent. Then place the (brighter side toward you) color side of the metallic foil onto the glue and rub the sheet with your fingers. Press firmly. Once done, remove the sheet. The shapes you have previously draw will be colored.

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