Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The tools and materials

Paperpatch Varnish-glue is used to glue the paper and protect at the same time the paper. It was specifically designed for the Decopatch paper. This water-based glue is nontoxic and odor free. It won't alter colours and adheres perfectly to any type of base. Once dry, it makes a clear, water-resistant satin finish.

Aquapro sealant is also water based, and water-washable. It gives a glossy finish and protect against heat, moisture, and detergents. Once dry, the sealant is safe for surfaces that are in contact with foodstuffs.

Don't forget to protect by 2 or 3 coats the surface that will be used frequently!

You can apply Decopatch paper to any surface without special preparation. However, porous surfaces should be primed with either a coat of Aquapro sealant or a primer. My preference goes to either a gesso or white acrylic paint.

Tips! If you want to showcase the original colour of the paper, coat the base with a primer first.

However work with the original condition (an old table for example) for an antiqued finish. The final result will be enhanced by the tranparency of the paper.

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