Saturday, March 1, 2008

First steps with Decopatch

Basic equipment:

  • Décopatch paper
  • Paperpatch glossy glue
  • Aquapro Varnish
  • Natural
  • bristle brush
  • Support (wood, cardboard, metal, polityrene, )
  • Scissors

A collection of new papers from France. Decopatch offers a wide range of papers measuring 30 X 40 cm in assorted colours and patterns based on French textiles. These papers are super-thin but strong. They are perfect for furniture and home decor projects.


  • Tear up the paper into roughly shaped pieces
  • Brush a coat of varnish-glue over the base
  • Place a piece of paper on it and make it stick with a the brush full of varnish glue
  • Overlap slightly each piece of paper to achieve a desired effect until project completed

It is so intoxicating, and so easy to use that you will be tempted to decorate everything in sight... a television, a frame, a chair, a vase?

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