Sunday, March 2, 2008

Where does my inspiration come

The inspiration of many of my works comes from the pieces of furniture themselves. Most of the furniture I decoupage is recycled. I purchase used furniture and gives it a second chance at a new life. Only furniture that is solid wood and is sound (no major repairs needed) is purchased. Each piece is given thorough cleaning. Any old varnish and/or paint are stripped off. Then I go over each piece with a fine-tooth comb: any holes are filled, all joining points, legs, drawers are checked and reinforced, if needed. Then each piece is sanded smooth and primed with a high quality primer. At this point they are ready for decoupage. Then I apply decorative papers to create pieces of functional art with an eclectic collage effect combined with the use of vibrant paintwork to form original and imaginative "one of a kind" items.

New technology in acid-free and lignin-free paper has made "Decoupage" even more popular as a hobby. Today's papers are colorfast, easy to tear-off and usable on any surface. They can be applied to wood, metal, papier-mach, plastic, ceramic, glass,fabric, acrylic,wax, wicker, carboard and stone!

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