Sunday, March 23, 2008

Torn Paper technique - Patchwork pattern

You can apply Decopatch to any surface without special preparation. However you should prime first the surface with white acrylic paint to showcase the original colour of the paper.
There are several techniques when applying Decopatch; today we'll see the patchwork pattern:

1- Tear the paper into little or large scraps according to the surface you intend to cover
2- Brush the varnish-glue over the base. Glue only a small section at the time
3- Apply the paper using the brush onto the glued section of the surface
4- Brush again the varnish-glue over the paper this time, and smooth it outwards from the centre
5- Press it on place to make the paper stick to the surface
6- Carry on applying the glue until the entire surface is covered.
7- Overlap the new piece of paper on the one which is already glued to get the patchwork pattern.

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