Monday, March 17, 2008

Personalizing Decoupage furniture

Does your living room need an accent of color, pattern, or a dash of whimsy? If so, you don't need to waste time trekking through stores looking for the right piece. You can easily decorate that accent piece yourself.

Decopatch is a real kid's play. In this example I used the basic technique: torn paper

  • Coat the cd-holder with white acrylic paint
  • Tear out pieces of paper into smaller or larger pieces (decopatch paper n° 432)
  • Brush a coat of varnish-glue over the base
  • Pick up a piece of paper using the brush and place on to the glued section
  • Brush the varnish-glue over the paper, and keep applying glue and pieces of paper
  • Slightly overlap each new piece of paper on one that is already in place to achieve a patchwork effect

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Very beautiful pictures....