Sunday, June 15, 2008

Decopatch display

Yesterday I did the Spring Bazaar. Attendance wasn't great. I had created a fancy display with some of my new boxes I have decopatched recently with some of my Decopatch papers. I had a few nice comments. Met a bunch of new, friendly faces...and answered tons of great questions regarding the Decopatch process. However I wouldn't do this market again because it was not appropriate for my products. But I had still a lot of fun with my friends that were with me. I'm glad to have their help!
A few pics at my display, bright, colorful and inviting! What do you think?

1 commentaires:

Anonymous said...

Very colourful display indeed! Whimsical frames also, or are they mirrors? I couldn't tell from the pictures.

Would you let us know through your blog when you're attending outdoor events?
I'd love to come and see for myself the papers, provided that's in my area of course!
By the way I'm in Greater Vancouver. Would you be somewhere around here during the summer festivals and markets?

Hope to see your lovely goodies soon!