Saturday, July 5, 2008

Customize your vases!

Why settle for an ordinary vase when you can make your own unique, customized ones? Here's how.
To give your vases a new lease of life, all you need is some coloured paper, some glue and a bit of imagination!

Materials needed:
- A vase
- Sheets of Decopatch (your choice)
- A pair of scissors
- A brush

- Tear or cut the pieces out of the Decopatch
- Glue the pieces on the vase, making sure that you overlap slighty
- Apply several coats of varnish to make it as waterproof as possible.

For a mosaic effect:
Tear the pieces in an irregular way. As you glue them over the vase, superimposing them, make sure that you interwaeve them in order to achieve the desired mosaic effect.

For a geometric effect:
Cut out squares, rectangles and triangles from different sheets and use contrasting coulours or patterns. Glue a first series of geometric shapes at the base of the vase. Starting from the base and working up to the neck of the vase, glue another set of shapes (wrapping all the way round the vase for a wave effect). Finish by gluing paper around the neck of the vase.

For a flowery look:
Create a coloured background on the vase before cutting out, using previously prepared drawings, flower shapes glue them on the vase using a contrasting effect.

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