Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A garden ambiance on your balcony

This table decorated with decopatch paper will find a perfect place in your balcony. I found it in the " As is" section of Ikea. It was in excellent condition, except the top had some small dents.
I love Ikea furniture. I used to not to, but I've found that they have improve their quality and are still affordable.
So what did I need for this project?


brush #30. When I'm working on a large project I usually prefer to use the brush #30 because you I can work faster, and apply the glue on a larger scale. Don't forget that time is critical when applying the glue. With the hot season you better work fast. I did in the past used the large painter brushes, but I found that the brush wasn't hard enough to press down perfectly the paper. With the decopatch brush #30, you can press firmly with it, and still it won't shred the paper. And you need that to avoid wrinkles or bubbles!

Paperpatch glue. Try to wash frequently your brush for the glue dry quickly.
Decopatch paper
# 378 on top and number # 404 for the legs

In this project I applied the basic technique called: Torn paper.
In this technique you have 2 choices either the Patchwork or the Select Design.


  • After selection of your paper, try to identify the design you want to bring forward. Tear carefully the paper around the selected designs. Leave some extra margin around. In this project I decided to tear the paper around the big flowers.
  • First, decide where you want to place this pattern. Glue the section where you're going to position the pattern and using the brush apply the design.
  • Continue to place all your patterns on your project
  • To fill the space in between patterns, tear up a piece slightly larger than the space to fill. Don't try to trace exactly the shape of the empty space
I didn't try to cover the bottom of the table. I just let the paper dry and then I trimmed off with a paper cutter. As usual I had fun. It's your turn now!

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