Friday, November 28, 2008

Color-Dekor 180°C: A new way to decorate your china & glass

Color-Dekor 180°: Discover the new way to decorate heat resistant materials like china, glass, metal and many more. Color-Dekor 180°C is a material made of plastic foil, which is easy to punch and cut out.
It's easy to use and fun for all the family. You simply cut out the desired shape with a craft knife, scissors or craft punch. Wet and apply, and allow to dry and bake in a domestic oven. So easy!!!
So, you're wondering how does that works. It's done as follows:

- Cut your desired designs in the Color-Dekor 180°C sheet with a pair of scissors, a cutter or even a punch or anything that lets you produce decorative motifs.

- Clean the surface that will be used.

- Lay your cut out motifs in water for a short time in order to remove the protective film and then place the design on the base.

- Gently rub down on the motifs with your fingers to remove any air bubbles and water.

- Absorb excess water with a paper towel. -

- Let dry for 24 hours at room temperature before cooking in a household oven for 30 minutes at 180 degrees.

Interested? have a look at our shop. You will find the sets of 4 colours or set of 2 colours. Dimensions 10x20 cm.

A few ideas with Color-Dekor 180°C: (clic the pic to enlarge)

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