Saturday, February 14, 2009

How to: decoupage napkins or serviette technique video

My apologies for not posting for so long... I must confess that it's not so easy to cumulate several positions in my company. Inevitably some stuff are not executed, like this blog...

Anyway, I received quite a few questions regarding the serviette or napkins technique. So first of all, thank you for reading this blog and thanks for your questions.

The most common question I had was "when I'd post a video for the serviette technique". So here it is, a new video that shows you how to apply the napkin on a base. In this first video I show you the basic application on a canvas. With the serviette technique you can easily create your own artwork.

This piece of work belongs to a collection which will be displayed at New Westminster's library during the whole month of March, on the top floor. I will showcase many pieces done with the napkins technique. I'll try to post some pics next month.
Next time I'll shoot a video which will show you another way to apply the napkin. This technique is more convenient for large bases. So stay tuned!

Part 2

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