Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Home Deco: choose a theme

Like every great artist, choose a theme. You can get inspiration from the decor of the room where you are going to hang the painting: Zen if your style is minimal, African if you have leopard-skin cushions, or Return to India if you have a colonial trunk and some elephant statues. For a child’s room, go for a cheerful design or something tender. For the bathroom, a marine style. In the kitchen, put yourself in a rustic country mood.

Create several related frames

One of the principles of Home Deco is to create several related frames and hang them together.
For example:

Vary the same painting by changing one or more elements: an apple on a yellow background, on a red background, on a blue background. A flower which is a bit more open in each frame. A frieze of butterflies: blue, red, yellow. Or several identical frames, hung at the same level, of a daisy on a pink background.

- Begin a drawing in one frame, and continue it in the next. The motif is only broken by the space between frames, placed side by side without touching.

- Write a name or a short text. Use small frames placed next to each other. Between the frames with the letters, you can put frames with painted designs

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the 3 pics in one is cool