Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Decopatch basic technique: torn paper or patchwork

Recently I had a few questions regarding the Decopatch paper mache range. One of our customers, Linda, asked me if it was possible to create some step-by step instructions. It is really easy to decorate the paper mache.
To start your decoration, it is a good idea to coat your animal with a white acrylic paint or a white primer if you want to showcase the original colour of the paper.

In the case of a small base, like a small paper mache animal, tear up pieces of the chosen paper according to the size. I like to tear up medium pieces. In case I need smaller pieces I then tear up again in smaller pieces. You can waste a lot of paper if you tear up too many small pieces in advance.

Pick up a piece of paper using your brush and place it on the glued section of your animal. Then brush again the varnish-glue over the paper, smoothing it from the center towards the edges. Wrinkles or bubbles may appear as you work. To prevent them spread a sufficient amount of varnish-glue over the paper, but not too much though.

I used 2 designs to decorate this girafe. Decopatch #404 and #295. Place the lighter colour first and then overlap with the darker one. In this example I started with the legs and the tail first before applying the darker coloured paper. Keep applying the glue and the pieces of paper until the entire surface is covered. The varnish-glue dries fast, so work on a smaller area first and progress consequently. From time to time, you will have a few holes while gluing. Simply spread a piece of paper over the space to be filled in.

To finish don't forget to add some eyes with Decopatch Tresor accessories. Just use Decopatch liner, in this case I've used the gold one. It is perfect to enhance the cabochons and to glue them.

Leave your base to dry thoroughly and finally, brush with Decopatch sealant. Isn't she a beauty?

I don't remember who said that we learn best when we use two senses: reading and viewing. So for those who prefer to watch rather than read a video is to come soon!

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