Friday, August 7, 2009

Video tutorial- how to decopatch a paper mache giraffe

Ok, finally I'm done with the video. I really hope it will help you achieve your decoration of paper mache items. I had real fun doing this (the decoupage part). Working on the creation of the video is a lot less fun, it's more work actually ;-). Yes work because believe it or not I had to do it. I'm starting going crazy with all the stuff I have to know/do to keep the store functioning, evolving, etc.

This summer I have slow down more than usual. I know, a few of you asked me what was going on with the videos. I do not promise but I will do my best to post more often and to create more videos in the coming weeks (or months should I say).

I will also put a higher emphasize on the Home Deco range, like the MDF figurines. There are so many nice stuff you can create with. And just like decopatch, once you start you become addicted to!

So here's the video from the previous step-by-step project. Don't forget to let me your comments. It helps me provide more useful vids and it gives me more enthusiasm to do them.

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